Serfas Thunderbolt Skateboard Tail Light

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Serfas Thunderbolt Taillight for Evolve Skateboards

Nobody wants to end up stuck in the grill of a car mid grind.  Make sure they can see you fly by with the Thunderbolt Taillight.  The light has several settings and rechargeable batteries in order to be personalized to your specific needs.

What Evolve has to say about the Thunderbolt Skateboard Taillight

Being seen on your board never looked so good with Serfas' Thunderbolt (UTL-6) Taillight. This USB rechargeable gem comes with 35 lumens of firepower giving riders' a rear glow that lets others know you are there!  The 30 micro-LED strip will let your presence be known to cars and bikes alike. Although it's important to see where you are going, it's just as important to be seen!  Charge up, light up and get riding safely with the Thunderbolt.


  • 35 lumens
  • USB rechargeable
  • Light silicone body
  • 30 micro-LED strip
  • Modes: 1.5 hours (high steady), 4 hours (low steady), 2.5 hours (high flash), 8 hours (low flash)
  • Highly water resistant
  • weighs 50 grams
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