Michigan Bike Safety

Biking Safely In Michigan

Many of us know the thrill of riding a bike. The unique exposure to the outdoors mixed with a thrill of adventure can make almost anyone feel invincible. Who wouldn't love that?

Still, it's important to remember that bikers are not the sole person on a road or path. Riding safely can prevent injuries, for you and others, and avoids annoying or stressful situations.

The League of Michigan Bicyclists has a very helpful guide for biking in our state. We highly recommend that every biker reads this guide!

If you feel unsure about how to ride in certain situations, we suggest using CyclingSavvy. They have online and in-person classes (free and paid) about bike maintenance, riding in traffic, and how to avoid injuries. As always, you're welcome to reach out with any questions!

Helpful Resources:

"What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know" PDF

CyclingSavvy In-Person/Online Courses