Intro to Electric Bikes

Like Sherlock Holmes, you are looking for answers. Not to a crime but rather to a new product that is sweeping the United States, an electric bike. This is your go-to stop for all of the electric bike basics. But, as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 616-607-9401.

Let's Chat: Electric Bicycles - Can I Ride My E-Bike In the Rain?

Can I Ride My Electric Bike In the Rain? Precipitation is lightly dripping on your windows, just as you were ready to get out on your bike. “Do I risk it?” You ask, as you feel a slight disappointment. “Will it hurt my bike?"  When digging into our electric bike brands, we noticed a few things about [...]

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You and Your Electric Bike: A Size Guide (with Haibike)

Finding the Perfect Size for Your Electric Bike According to Haibike Electric bicycles are incredible for a number of reasons - one of them being that they have multiple sizes and styles to fit a variety of riders. But, what is the right size? How do you fit to a standard diamond or step-through frame? Let’s [...]

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Let's Chat: Unboxing Your Pedego Bicycle

Let's Chat w/ Nathan: Unboxing & Assembling Your Pedego Electric Bike You've just received your Pedego electric bicycle in the mail. So, how do you set it up? Nathan breaks it down, step-by-step, to make your transition from box to pavement easier.Steps to Unboxing Your Bike Unboxing the Pedego bicycles are all pretty much the same concept [...]

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Let's Chat: Electric Bikes on Trails?

How to Ride Trails on an Electric BikeTrails have had a long history - the war between hikers and mountain bikers, and now the war between electric bikers and mountain bikers. With the new waive of transportation coming further into the United States, what should the rules be on the existence of ebikes on trails? [...]

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The MACkite Crew's Favorite Electric Bikes

The MKB & EBP Crew's Favorite BikesIn the shop, we talk about bikes. A lot. But, we never talk about our favorite bikes. We always manage to talk about specs and features and blah blah blah, but we never seem to actually talk about what makes for our “favorite” bike. So, I asked the crew [...]

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Electric Bike Videos: ProdecoTech's Take on the U.S. Electric Bike Market

Copyright of ProdecoTech: www.prodecotech.comProdecoTech - The USA Electric Bike Market: Why eBikes? Why Now? ProdecoTech has been a brand that we've carried for a long time. This manufacturer creates all of their product in the United States.  But, it does bring up the question...why are electric bikes so popular now?  ProdecoTech breaks down some of the reasons why [...]

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Electric Bike Video: Why People Buy eBikes

ProdecoTech - Why People Buy eBikesCopyright of ProdecoTech: www.prodecotech.comWhat is an eBike?An eBike is the shortened name for an electric bike. They are just like regular bikes, except they have the addition of a motor, battery and controller. Ebikes allow you to get further faster, without the fatigue.Why do people ride eBikes?LeisureEbikes allow you to [...]

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Press Release: Storing Your Electric Bike Battery For Winter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 01/23/2018Owner: Steve NegenE-Bike Director: Angela Your Electric Bike Battery For WinterGrand Haven, MI: As temperatures continue to drop, the need for proper storage for electric bikes is important to increase its longevity and performance. Batteries are an essential component in electric bikes. Electric bike batteries have an average charge life of [...]

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