Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger

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Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger

The worst part of any electric vehicle is charge time.  Spend less time on the couch and more time on your board with Evolve's super fast battery charger.  Cut your charge time down safely and economically.

What Evolve has to say about the Super Fast Battery Charger 

Our new redesigned silent Super Fast charger with automatic shutoff will significantly reduce your charge time to get you back to carving! Compatible with GT series, and Gen2 series boards (not compatible with Gen1 snubnose and pintail boards)

Will the charger stop charging once the battery is full?
Yes, once the battery is full the charger will stop its charging cycle. The LED on the top of the charger will be red when charging and green when on standby.
It is recommended to unplug the charger from the wall when not in use.
Never leave the board unattended while charging.

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