Evolve GT All-Terrain Conversion Kit

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  • Evolve GT All-Terrain Conversion Kit
  • Evolve GT All-Terrain Conversion Kit
  • Evolve GT All-Terrain Conversion Kit


GT Series All Terrain Conversion Kit

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Tired of riding the same old streets? This conversion kit will take your board off the beaten path and on to any path you choose.  Using ten minutes of labor, you can swap your Evolve GT Street Wheels with Evolve AT 7" tires.  Experience the full versatility of your evolve board by traversing sand, gravel, and grass.  Forget just riding to the beach; cruise down the coast in style and safety.  

What Evolve has to say about the GT Series All Terrain Conversion Kit

Tired of the beaten path? Then blaze your own with the Evolve GT AT!

In mere minutes you can swap to the GT AT kit, and charge on where the road ends! You will see footpaths as purely optional, limestone gravel tracks will become rally stages, and that group of grassy hills will morph into a never-ending set of rolling surf breaks!

Compatible ONLY with GT Series boards.

How to Install

Kit Contents


4x Complete Evolve 7" Wheels (GT Bat Black hubs, 7" Evolve Street tires and tubes)

2x Drive Gears

2x Drive Belts

2x Belt Covers

1x Complete set of Bearings

Evolve FAQ

How well does the AT kit handle sand/snow/mud/gravel/tall grass?
The board was designed for cruising and carving on smooth, hard-pack surfaces. Riding on surfaces with increased rolling resistance (such as sand, grass, and gravel) will provide a significant strain on the electronics resulting in substantially reduced range.
Riding in wet conditions such as snow or mud is dangerous as a result of reduced friction. Damage to the board's electric or mechanical components as a result of moisture exposure is not covered under warranty

What is the proper wheel setting on my remote for the GT AT kit?
The proper remote setting for the AT kit with 7" tires is 175mm/66T

What is the recommended tire pressure?
The max tire pressure is 50PSI. It is recommended to keep your tires between 35 and 45psi for efficient roll and overall range. Riding with low tires will greatly reduce range

How long does it take to install?
Typically swapping the drive kits takes less than 10 minutes

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