Evolve F1 Street Wheels Black ( 107mm, 74A)

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Evolve F1 Street Wheels Black (107mm, 74A)

Comes complete as a set of four

What Evolve has to say about the F1 Street Wheels

The standard 32T drive gears will work, you may notice a significant loss of low-end torque. 

Please Note:

  • You will need to remove belt covers for clearance.
  • At this time, the remote does not currently have a 107mm wheel setting, so current speed display will not be accurate. 
  • If you own an All-Terrain board, you will need a Street Conversion kit to ensure proper fit. 

Warning! The F1 107mm wheel size can increase your board's top speed significantly. Always wear proper protective gear, and only ride as fast as your skating skills and local laws allow. 

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