Evolve 7" Black Roadie Tire 4X

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Evolve 7" Black Roadie Tires 4X

Comes complete as a set of four tires

What Evolve has to say about the 7" Black Roadie Tires

We’ve taken all that we love about pneumatic skateboard tires, and bundled them together to make a tire designed specifically for use with the rigors of the electric skateboard. Strong sidewalls mean more tire strength at lower pressures, thick hard compound rubber to make them last longer than ever before, and a tread pattern that will give you a smooth ride no matter what path you choose! Compatible with the Evolve 7” Hubs!


What is the recommended tire pressure?
It is recommended to keep your tires inflated between 35 and 50 PSI for an efficient roll resulting in maximum range.

Can I use these on my Gen2 All Terrain kit?
Yes! The 7" tires will fit on the MBS hubs. You will need a set of the 7" tubes for proper installation.

What is the correct wheel setting on the GT remote for these tires?
The proper wheel setting is 175mm/66T


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