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When we are not looking to walk but not make the commitment to bike, we then turn to one of the hottest activities right now - the electric skateboard. We love our electric skateboards, so therefore we compiled a page of love stories (read: blogs) that are dedicated to these remote-controlled beauties. 

Steve's Journey: The Electric Skateboard Coffee Break

The Electric Skateboard Coffee Break I'm half asleep and dying for some coffee; time to visit Mrs. Mary at our local coffee shop. But who wants to walk a whole 2 blocks down the street? At MACkite, nobody--and I mean nobody--walks to the coffee shop anymore. Since we first received our Yuneec E-Go electric skateboards in September of [...]

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Tech Talk: Boosted Boards vs. Yuneec's E-Go Cruiser

Skate Electric With our recent addition to the family, Boosted Boards, and our tried-and-true Yuneec E-GO, we've caught the electric fever (which sounds like we're all decked out in our parachute pants, wishing we were John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever). While we may not be doing the hustle (because it would end very poorly), we're [...]

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Let's Chat: M1 vs. Boosted Electric Skateboard

First Impressions of the M1 Electric SkateboardThis past week we were fortunate enough to receive the new Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard to demo. Since its launch on Kickstarter, we’ve been eagerly following the M1. With the motors incorporated within the wheels on the board, the M1 brings something truly unique to the electric skateboard market. Not [...]

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Let's Chat: Is the M1 Worth the Long Wait?

The Inboard M1 is going to change the electric skateboard market forever. Is the M1 worth the long wait? There are a lot of electric skateboards you can choose from. So, why would you want to choose the Inboard M1? After all, they are a new startup and not many people have actually had their hands [...]

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Boosted Boards: The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins Bay Area based creative content and production company Calotype Film put together this beautiful video featuring the day in the life of a Boosted rider.What's so great about Boosted Boards? Boosted is an electric skateboarding company focusing on fun and freedom. Boosted boards features three models of skateboards: Single, Dual, and Dual +. Each [...]

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Boosted Boards: This is Electric

Boosted - This is Electric Coming to the MACkite store are electric boards so sleek, sexy, and sporty that they make us set our excitement level to 11 (it's one louder, you know). Welcome to the MACkite family, Boosted Skateboards! Boosted has three electric skateboards, set to satisfy all types of riders. Boosted Boards Single Electric Skateboard [...]

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Let's Chat: Inboard M1 w/ Lucas

Lucas' Take on the Inboard M1I've been riding electric longboards since 2014/15, and as impressed as I was by the first few makes that hit the market, I was in love with the Inboard M1 from the moment I saw it. For me, the lack of a belt was critical - I love to be able to [...]

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