Electric Bikes & Trail Use In Michigan

Electric Bike-Approved Trails In Michigan

Currently, Class 1 electric bikes are allowed in Michigan on roads, bike lanes, linear paved trails (unless otherwise stated), and motorized, natural surface trails (if approved). There are more trail sites allowing eMTBs, including Michigan's Edge Mountain Bike Association (MEMBA). Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes can ride on motorized, natural surface trails (such as ORV trails) if approved.

The map below will likely keep changing as more opens up to e-bikes. If you have questions about specific trails, we suggest reaching out directly to the advocacy group or land management group.

If you have a trail you wish to feature in our map, please email

The Michigan DNR suggests the following etiquette practices while on biking/walking trails:

  • Be courteous, smile and wave
  • Pass on the left and alert others before passing by shouting "on your left" or using a bell
  • Keep pets on a leash and keep them close
  • Don't block the trail - stay alert for other trail users
  • Bicyclists: Maintain a safe speed, especially near other trail users
  • When interacting with horses on the trail: Stop, stand back and speak to the rider, who will tell you how to pass safely. Cyclists moving quickly and quietly can scare horses so always give a spoken warning before you pass.

Many thanks to the following for providing trail information:


MTB Project

Michigan's Edge Mountain Bike Association