Commuter & Urban Electric Bikes

Commuter & Urban Electric Bikes


The average commuting time is 26 minutes and continues to grow. For some, it can be seen as personal time and a way to get away from the potential anxieties of the workplace. For others, it is a stressful, exhausting experience. Biking to work is a great way to get some exercise before and after the office but it is not very fun getting sweaty. Enter the commuter and urban electric bikes.

Pros of Commuter & Urban Bikes:

  • Keeps clothing clean with fenders, chain guards, and skirt guards
  • May have headlights attached for night or early morning riding
  • Have narrower tires to dodge potholes and rocks

Cons of Commuter & Urban Bikes:

  • If using as a sole form of transportation, a mountain bike might be necessary in the winter
  • Not intended for trails or off-roading

When choosing a commuter bike, it is a good idea to understand the distance you plan on traveling as well as the type of terrain involved. If you are carrying around documents or your lunch, perhaps snagging a bag might of use. Or, if you’re a night-owl, consider getting a headlight for those dark treks.