Electric Bikes by Style

Electric Bikes by Style


Just like with a non-electric bicycle, there's a lot of styles to choose from! We understand the struggle, and that's why we've focused on creating specific areas based on your ideal riding style. So, what should you consider when purchasing an ebike? Here are three questions to ask yourself before hitting that "Checkout" button.

What do you want to do with the bike?

Chances are, you already have a picture in mind about what you want to do when riding your bike. Are you looking for something to hit the beach with, or do you want to experience the sensation of riding on rough terrain?

What is your budget?

Your budget is going to figure a lot about which bikes you can currently purchase, or if you want to save up for a specific style. Knowing your budget allows you to tailor your bike to your needs.

Where is your location?

Are you in an urban, city environment, or do you have mountains in your backyard? Perhaps you're looking for a bike to take you to work that is less than 10 miles away? Or, maybe you want to visit a nearby mountain bike trail? Your location will estimate your overall wants, and that will help you figure out your style.