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Electric Bike Overviews & Reviews

Sometimes, instead of reading the marketing hype, it is best to hear it from someone in the business. That is where we come in to play. We love trying out the latest bikes; in fact, some of us travel out of state to conventions to try the latest and greatest. Below is a list of our reviews and overviews, with more to come. Any questions? Give us a call! 800-622-4655


Stromer ST2 S Electric Bike Overview

Stromer ST2 S Electric Bike OverviewStromer is known for being the pinnacle of electric bike design: sleek, efficient, and innovative. These luxury bicycles feature longer distances (up to 110 miles), quieter motors, and more user capabilities. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t Stromer the ebike company that has a $10,000 bike?” Actually, it’s $9,999, and yes. [...]

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Let's Chat: Pedego City Commuter Overview & Review

Pedego City Commuter Videos & Overview Pedego's Product Video & TranscriptionThe Pedego City Commuter is the complete package with everything you could possibly want in an electric bike -- all in one place for a reasonable price.The most important part of any Pedego is the person riding it, and the City Commuter was created with your comfort [...]

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Let's Chat: Pedego Interceptor Overview & Review

Pedego Interceptor Electric Bike: Overviews, Specs, & Reviews Pedego's Interceptor Video The Pedego Interceptor is the electric bike that has it all -- combining beach cruiser comfort and style with breathtaking performance and user friendly features.The most important part of any Pedego is the person riding it, and the Interceptor is made to be the most comfortable electric [...]

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Let's Chat: Pedego Latch Foldable Electric Bike

Pedego Latch Electric Bike: Overview, Review, and Specs Pedego's Latch Overview Video Pedego's Latch Video TranscriptionThe Pedego Latch is an electric folding bike like no other – it rides like a dream and easily folds in about 30 seconds. Once it’s folded a special clip holds everything together so it’s easy to carry.  It can be supported by the [...]

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Let's Chat: iZip Dash Overview & Review

Let's Chat: iZip Dash Overview, Specs, & ReviewiZip Dash Overview Today, let’s break down one of the zippiest electric bikes I have experienced, the iZip Dash. The Dash that we have in the shop is a 2016 model, so that’s what I’ll primarily focus on reviewing. However, the 2017 models just came out and the silver color [...]

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Let's Chat: Stromer ST1 vs. ST1X vs. ST2

Let’s Chat: Stromer ST1 vs. ST1X vs. ST2 Electric BikesSo, we carry a fair amount of electric bike brands (Haibike, Pedego, iZip, Raleigh, ProdecoTech, and Stromer). None seem to be more elusive than the Tesla of electric bikes, the Stromer line. The nice thing about working with brands is the fact that we have a Brand Rep, which in this case [...]

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Let's Chat: Jake's View on the Pedego Classic Interceptor

You bike, we bike, everybody e-Bike! Plug in and join the fun. About two weeks ago we received our first shipment of Pedego electric bikes. Having used the Prodecotech models over the past few months, I was quite curious how an e-bike with pedal assist would differ from those models with throttle. I really enjoyed tooling around on the [...]

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MACkite Rides: Haibike on a Monday

A Haibike Review  It was a beautiful Monday afternoon, and us employees at MACkite were squirming in our plush office chairs (Jake Mitchell in a Herman Miller of course), dying to get outside and soak up those May rays of sunshine. As kiteboarders we have a hard time resisting the breezy blue skies when we see [...]

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Let's Talk: ProdecoTech Phantom XR Electric Bicycle (With Angela)

Overview: The ProdecoTech Phantom XR is an aggressive-looking, affordable options that can be considered the “Black Beauty” of Prodeco’s line. The Phantom XR is a part of a larger Phantom series that also features a foldable bike as well. Featuring a 600W Geared motor and a distance per charge of 25 - 30 miles with a top [...]

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Let's Chat: Haibike Electric Bike Test Ride w/ Angela

Enjoying Haibike on a Monday Imagine that Monday feeling, when you’re somewhat-begrudgingly walking into work thinking, “Oh man, I hope I’m productive today and everything goes by quickly.”  Then, you see them. The newest Haibikes, lined up on the street with our Haibike Rep Matt at the helm - talk about a day made!  The MACkite Crew and [...]

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The MACkite Crew's Favorite Electric Bikes

The MKB & EBP Crew's Favorite BikesIn the shop, we talk about bikes. A lot. But, we never talk about our favorite bikes. We always manage to talk about specs and features and blah blah blah, but we never seem to actually talk about what makes for our “favorite” bike. So, I asked the crew [...]

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Jake's Ride: Raleigh Tristar iE Electric Trike

First (& Second & Third) Impression: Raleigh Tristar iEI gotta admit, there's something incredibly attractive about a trike to me. Maybe it's that's big basket in back (I'm always hauling stuff around). Or maybe it's just the leisurely lifestyle that trikes conjure. Regardless of motivation, I was obviously super excited to get out and try [...]

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Electric Bike Rep Interviews

Interview with Haibike Rep Matt on Electric Bikes

An Interview with Haibike's Matt At MACkite, we’re all about fun. After all, our slogan is, “Where fun begins!” We’ve encountered the most fun as of late with our electric mountain bikes, Haibike. And, with the European market having over 1.1 million bikes since 2006, we’re getting tons of questions on what to look for in [...]

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Interview with ProdecoTech's CEO Robert Provost on Electric Bikes

Let's Chat with ProdecoTech's CEO Robert Provost Electric bikes are hitting the world and, considering the European market has hit over 1.1 million e-bikes sold since 2006, we’ve been getting questions about these beauties due to growing popularity in the U.S. We were able to get in touch with some of our e-bike brands to get their [...]

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Let's Chat: Interview w/ Stromer Rep Jim

Stromer's Rep, Jim, Adds Input on the Electric BikeWe like having input from our reps about electric bikes. We think it's appropriate to have brands talk openly about their brands and the ebike industry in general. So, we asked our Stromer Rep, Jim, to include his opinion on this growing industry.Why choose an electric bike? [...]

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Brand News Releases

Pedego’s New “Trail Tracker Gorilla Edition” All-terrain Bike Goes Wild!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 01/15/2018 Owner: Steve Negen E-Bike Director: Angela Sorensen 800-622-4655’s New “Trail Tracker Gorilla Edition” All-terrain Bike Goes Wild! Fierce electric fat-tire bike soars over sand, gravel, ice and snow with cruiser comfort FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 14, 2017— Pedego® Electric Bikes, the Number 1 electric bike brand in the United States, today announced the new Pedego Trail [...]

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Press Release: Pedego City Commuters Make the Scene in 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 01/29/2018Owner: Steve NegenE-Bike Director: Angela City Commuters Make the Scene in 2018New Mid-Drive and Black Edition electric bikes bring “new” to the New YearElectric Bike Place (powered by MACkite) is thrilled to see innovations on one of the top selling bikes from Pedego’s line, the City Commuter. The following press release [...]

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