Questions About Electric Bikes

General Electric Bike Questions

Why are electric bikes so expensive?

Electric bikes are pricey...there's no doubt about that; but, imagine being able to have all of the performance of a bicycle with optional support? With an ebike, there are more components, such as a battery, motor, and acceleration modes. Overall, the more technical you get the more the price adds up. That's why it's important to find an electric bike that works for you, on your budget.

Doesn't having a motor defeat the purpose of biking?

Nope! Actually, many riders have found that having the option of electric support is more fun. You can bike as much as you want without assistance and, once you find that you're becoming winded, you can kick on the motor and be able to still make it home. 

How fast can the bikes travel?

The speed depends on the type of bicycle. For example, the ProdecoTech Mariner travels at 18 miles per hour. Many of the Pedego bicycles top out around 20 miles per hour. Haibike and Magnum both have bicycles that can go up to 28 miles per hour.

How long can electric bikes travel?

Ebikes have various ranges, and it's all dependent on your overall use as the battery as well as the battery components. For example, Pedego's 28V 15Ah can travel between 20 - 40 miles. Their upgrade, the 48V option, can travel between 40 - 60 miles. Stromer has batteries that can travel up to 110 miles. 

When looking at a battery, you'll want to consider your terrain, your weight, the amount of riding, and the assistance level you'll be using.

How heavy are the bikes?

With the battery and motor, the electric bikes can get pretty heavy. Haibike's carbon model is around 31-pounds whereas Pedego's Stretch Cargo bike is up to 85-pounds. The weight is going to be dependent on the components and the overall construction and use of the bicycle.

Is there a weight limit on the bikes?

The weight capacity will vary with the electric bikes. For example, Pedego's weight limit is 250-pounds; however, they have the Stretch Cargo model which can hold up to 400-pounds.

What size bike do I need?

Your size bike will be dependent on your height, use of the bike and weight. We suggest getting sized up by one from our Crew as there is no one master formula for finding the right size. Ultimately, it will be up to you the perfect fit. 

How long do bike batteries take to charge?

Anywhere between 2 - 6 hours, typically.