Boosted Boards Motor Belt Service Kit

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Boosted Boards Motor Belt Service Kit

We love these Boosted Boards, but we also realize that we sometimes need to make repairs. Even if you feel like you have a perfect board, sometimes tunings are necessary. If you feel like you need to do a quick tune-up on your motor belt, take a look at the Service Kit from Boosted. The pack comes with everything that you would need to replace one of the motor belts. 

See what Boosted Boards has to say about their Motor Belt Service Kit

We've built the Boosted Board to last, and that means standing up to some pretty hard knocks. Knock hard enough, though, and you may break one of the motor belts. If that happens, don't worry, we've got you covered with our replacement motor belt service pack.  

This service pack includes:

(1) 9/64" Hex wrench
(2) Boosted Board motor belts
(6) Socket cap screws with nylon anti-vibration thread lock

A skate tool or 1/2" socket is necessary to remove your wheel and replace your belt. This is not included. 

WARNING: Do not over tighten socket cap screws or you can risk stripping the threads and need to send the board back for repair. Please watch the included instructional service video completely before changing your belts.

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