Why Magnum's New Nomad E-Bike Is Great For Any Outdoor Lover

Why Magnum's New Nomad E-Bike Is Great For Any Outdoor Lover

The Nomad is one of the newest e-bikes to grace Magnum's 2021 product line. The model is a step-thru version of their Scout fat tire e-bike. Magnum's video shows us the ins and outs of the Nomad, from the display to the motor.

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Some overall features that make the Nomad include:

  • 750W Rear Hub Motor (1000W Max.)
  • Step-thru frame
  • Adjustable stem
  • New Magnum display and electronics
  • Fits riders from roughly 5'4" to 6'4"

The Front

What you'll notice on the handlebar:

  • Ergonomic, leather-stitched grips that help reduce hand numbness.
  • Twist throttle.
  • A 7-Speed Shimano shifter.
  • The new Magnum display, able to be seen in varying lighting.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for the ultimate stopping power.
  • Easily-accessible controls.
  • A fun bell!

To activate the center-mounted display, hold the bottom button for a few seconds. You can see your speed, assistance level, odometer, speeds, and time. There are six levels of pedal assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Boost, and Boost Plus. On a fully charged battery, the Nomad will travel up to 28 miles per hour.

Magnum Nomad Center Display

Magnum Nomad Display

The cabling on the Nomad is kept together through easy-to-use Velcro straps. They are removable and can be placed back around the cables when needed.

To turn on your front and rear light, press and hold the plus button on the pad. The light is integrated with the bike and its battery.

The Nomad's front fork suspension is adjustable in multiple ways. The spring preload can be adjusted for a heavier or lighter rider. There is also a compression where you can keep the fork stiffer, preventing it from diving into the travel if you're on steep terrain. There is also a lockout if you're just cruising down the road.

The fender is made from Polycarbonate instead of metal. This makes the bike lighter in weight and stops the rattling noise associated with metal fenders.

The Nomad's tire has a smooth center tread. It also has bigger side nobs for rolling resistance and cornering performance.

Magnum Nomad Front Tire and Fork

Front Fork And Tire Tread

The Core

The Nomad features an extra capacity battery with the ability to swap to larger sizes.

There is also an externally-mounted controller, making replacements or maintenance easier. This placement also helps keep the controller cool when you're demanding a lot from the bike on harder or longer rides.

The crankset features a replaceable chainring and a chainguard.

A favorite design feature is a double kickstand, which is very stiff when used.

Pedals on the Nomad are made of metal with grips that do not wear down.

Also included is a quick release for saddle adjustment. If you need to move the bike, there is a handle below the saddle for easy handling. There is also a water bottle mount on the top tube of the frame for those hot days.

Frame of Nomad Showing Battery, Crank, and Chain

The Battery And Frame Of The Nomad

The Rear

New to the Nomad is the Bafang 750-watt motor. Included are 180mm disc rotors on the front and rear of the bike for consistent stopping power.

The derailleur is manufactured from Shimano, with a 7-speed drivetrain.

A unique feature of the Nomad is the adjustable fender mounts. You can loosen the mounts and adjust the fender left or right to ensure it fits properly.

On the rear wheel, you'll notice stiffer, stouter 12-gauge spokes to lessen the chance of bending or breaking.

Included with the bike is a rear rack that can hold up to 55 pounds. Every Nomad also comes with a bungee strap to securely lock in your cargo. There is a taillight on the rear rack that is controllable by the button pad.

Rear of the Nomad Showing the Motor and Derailleur

Rear Bafang Hub Motor With Shimano Derailleur

Who is the Nomad for?

The Nomad is ideal for larger riders and those after a pillowy ride, perhaps on rails to trails or gravel. This bike isn't always recommended for inner-city riding or commuting, where you may have many quick turns. While it isn't designed for aggressive off-road riding, it can handle its share of gravel and dirt.

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Aug 24th 2021 Angela S

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