What About Bosch? Breaking Down Bosch E-Bike Drive Units, Batteries, and Displays

What About Bosch? Breaking Down Bosch E-Bike Drive Units, Batteries, and Displays

Bosch is one of the three most common e-bike systems on the market. They're in a majority of the bike brands we carry, and we love them for their reliability, functionality, and power. There are plenty of motor types and batteries to choose from, and they all have benefits to consider when choosing your e-bike.

Bike Brands We Carry With Bosch:

  • Benno
  • Diamondback
  • Gazelle
  • IZIP
  • Haibike
  • Raleigh

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Bosch Motors Explained

Bosch operates their displays and motors based on riding styles. These styles are City, Suburban, Tours, and Mountains.

  • City: Relaxed riding or commuting - mainly on surfaced roads of cycle paths.
  • Suburban: Comfortable riding or commuting, primarily on surfaced roads and cycle paths with moderate inclines.
  • Tours: Sport and longer-distanced riding, mainly on paved paths and roads.
  • Mountains: Very sporty riding on challenging terrain.

As of 2021, there are eight different Bosch drive units (motors) that fit in the crank of your e-bike. All have different top speeds, maximum torques, and support levels. Let's break down each option:

Active Line
City / Suburban
Active Line Plus
City / Suburban / Tours
Cargo Line
City / Suburban
Cargo Line Speed
City / Suburban

Max. Torque: 40Nm

Max. Drive: 250%

Drive Unit: 20 mph / 32km/h

For controlled acceleration and natural riding sensation at 20 mph. The Drive Unit is quiet and fits inside the bicycle’s frame. Its overall light weight improves the bike’s handling.

Max. Torque: 50Nm

Max. Drive: 270%

Drive Unit: 20 mph / 32km/h

Quiet, reliable, and nearly non-existent pedal resistance. The Active Line Plus motor delivers smoothly for a natural riding experience.

Max. Torque: 85Nm

Max. Drive: 400%

Drive Unit: 20 mph / 32km/h

Made specifically for cargo bikes. Provides support up to 20 mph for a comfortable ride, even while carrying a heavy load.

Max. Torque: 85Nm

Max. Drive: 400%

Drive Unit: 28 mph

Made for cargo bikes with distance in mind. Fast and controlled, the drive unit gives power even at low cadences. Perfect for delivery runs and everyday transport.

Performance Line
City / Suburban / Tours / Mountains
Performance Line Sport
City / Suburban / Tours
Performance Line Speed
City / Suburban
Performance Line CX
Tours / Mountains

Max. Torque: 65Nm

Max. Drive: 300%

Drive Unit: 20 mph / 32km/h

Most versatile system provided by Bosch and gives a natural sporty riding sensation. The 65Nm torque helps with mountainous terrain.

Max. Torque: 65Nm

Max. Drive: 300%

Drive Unit: 28 mph

Ideal for longer, extended rides. Smooth acceleration, excellent power delivery at high cadences, and works very well with hilly terrain.

Max. Torque: 85Nm

Max. Drive: 340%

Drive Unit: 28 mph

More speed during your daily rides. At a moderate weight, the motor delivers 85Nm of torque and up to 28 mph.

Max. Torque: 85Nm

Max. Drive: 340%

Drive Unit: 20 mph / 32km/h

The most powerful drive unit from Bosch. Incredibly lightweight and compact - ideal for mountain bike riding.

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Bosch Displays Explained

Bosch has several different displays that range from the simplistic-looking Purion to the other-worldly Nyon. All are operated by a button controller, whether it's embedded into the display or is a separate piece. Depending on the display and motor type, there are varying levels of assistance. The most common are Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo.

  • Off: No assistance from motor
  • Walk Assist: Up to 4 mph in assistance to help with hills and ramps
  • Eco: Effective support that provides greatest range
  • Tour: Uniform support for rides with long ranges
  • Sport: Powerful support for both sporty and fast, urban riding
  • eMTB*: Support for natural riding sensation and optimal performance on challenging terrain
  • Turbo: Maximum power assistance up to the highest cadences

Bosch E-Bike Display Models

Purion: Compact display who wants basic information while they ride. Able to see charge status, speed, riding mode, trip distance, and odometer.

Bosch Purion

Intuvia: Offers shift recommendations and all riding data. Able to be seen even in bright sunlight. Comes with a second button control to change modes.

Bosch Intuvia

Kiox: Ideal for performance riding. Gives tons of information in a bright color display.

Bosch Kiox

COBI Smartphone Hub: Plug in your smartphone for navigation and riding data.

Bosch Smartphone Hub

Nyon: Experience the ultimate in ebike displays. Connect to your smartphone to track data about routes and riding experience.

Bosch Nyon

  Purion Intuvia Kiox Smartphone Hub Nyon
 5 Riding Modes  x  x  x  x  x
 Shift Recommendation    x      x
 Walk Assistance  x  x  x  x  x
 High Resolution Display      x    x
 Integrated Display  x  x  x  x
 USB Charging Option    x  x  x  
 Splash-Proof  x  x  x  x  x
 Navigation      x  x  x
 Fitness-Tracking      x  x  x
 Compatible with eShift    x  x    x
 Compatible with Dual Battery  x x  x  x  x
 Third-Party Apps      x  x  x
 Theft Protection      x    x

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Bosch Batteries & Chargers Explained

Right now (2021), there are three types of Bosch batteries: PowerPack, PowerTube, and DualBattery. All offer varying battery wattages (Wh) and amperages (Ah) that affect its total distance per charge. 

PowerPack 400/500: Is used for either frame or rack batteries. Very lightweight at less than 6 pounds and is DualBattery compatible.

Bosch PowerPack 400

Bosch PowerPack 500

PowerTube 400/500/625: Compact size and minimalist design. Can be integrated with the e-bike horizontally or vertically depending on plug orientation. Frame integration includes a safety catch to keep the battery in place.

Bosch PowerTube 400

Bosch PowerTube 500

DualBattery 1000/1250: Ideal for long-distance riding and cargo bikes. Combination of PowerTube 500 or 625 batteries with dual charging and energy management.

Bosch DualBattery 1250

Estimated Battery Distances

It's important to note that battery distances will vary on a number of factors, such as:

  • Rider weight
  • Terrain
  • Wind conditions
  • Type of power assistance used

The battery range seen in the charts below is a varied range. Over time, you will know how your bike performs in your area.

  PowerPack 400 / PowerTube 400       PowerPack 500 / PowerTube 500 PowerTube 625   DualBattery 1250
 Active Line  25 - 35 Miles  30 - 45 Miles  40 - 55 Miles  80 - 110 Miles
 Active Line Plus    25 - 35 Miles  30 - 45 Miles  40 - 55 Miles  75 - 100 Miles
 Cargo Line  15 - 25 Miles  15 - 30 Miles  25 - 40 Miles  45 - 80 Miles
 Cargo Line Speed  15 - 25 Miles  15 - 25 Miles  25 - 35 Miles  45 - 70 Miles
 Performance Line  25 - 35 Miles  30 - 40 Miles  35 - 55 Miles  70 - 90 Miles
 Performance Line Sport  25 - 35 Miles  30 - 45 Miles  40 - 55 Miles  80 - 110 Miles
 Performance Line Speed  20 - 25 Miles  25 - 30 Miles  30 - 40 Miles  60 - 80 Miles
 Performance Line CX  20 - 30 Miles  25 - 35 Miles  30 - 45 Miles  60 - 90 Miles

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Bosch Chargers

There are two chargers available: Compact Charger and Standard Charger. Your charge time will vary based on the type of battery you're charging.

Compact Charger (2A): Minimal design that weighs less than 2 pounds. 40% smaller than the Standard Charger. Longer charge times due to battery size.

  • Voltage: 100 - 240V
  • Weight: 1.3lbs.
  • Size: 160 x 75 x 45mm

Standard Charger (4A): All-around design. Offers faster charging than the Compact Charger but is slightly heavier and larger.

  • Voltage: 100 - 240V
  • Weight: 1.7lbs.
  • Size: 190 x 86 x 54mm

Charge Time Based On Battery Type

PowerPack 400 / PowerTube 400

  • Compact Charger
    • 50% Charge: 2.5 hours
    • 100% Charge: 6.5 hours
  • Standard Charger
    • 50% Charge: 1.5 hours
    • 100% Charge: 3.5 hours

PowerPack 500 / PowerTube 500

  • Compact Charger
    • 50% Charge: 3.5 hours
    • 100% Charge: 7.5 hours
  • Standard Charger
    • 50% Charge: 2.0 hours
    • 100% Charge: 4.5 hours

PowerTube 625

  • Compact Charger
    • 50% Charge: 4.2 hours
    • 100% Charge: 8.8 hours
  • Standard Charger
    • 50% Charge: 2.1 hours
    • 100% Charge: 4.9 hours

DualBattery 1250

  • Compact Charger
    • 50% Charge: 8.4 hours
    • 100% Charge: 17.6 hours
  • Standard Charger
    • 50% Charge: 4.2 hours
    • 100% Charge: 9.8 h


Do you still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us! Our Bike Experts are happy to help.

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