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Pedego Customer Stories: Family Fun

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

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Pedego Electric Bikes: Family Fun

A short video, but an adorable one nonetheless. The Blanchettes family found the perfect way to spend quality time together, have fun, and be outside - their Pedego electric bikes! 

This family found themselves all within the same household but not really together. So, they decided to make an investment for their family and purchased the Pedego Stretch and the Pedego Interceptor. 

The Stretch was able to carry their two children on top of the rider, and the Interceptor allowed them all to ride together. What a great way to create lasting memories and increase bonding time! 

Video Synopsis:


The Blanchettes fell in love with Pedego Electric Bikes while renting them near the beach. They were amazed by the distance they covered, and nobody could remember a time they all laughed so hard. It felt good.

Owning Pedegos has brought them much closer as a family. They’re spending more quality time together and enjoying every second of it. 

“We may be all in the same house, but it doesn’t mean we’re really doing things together,” says Shane (aka Dad). “Now with the Pedegos, we are! Instead of everyone doing their own thing, we’re all enjoying the same experience and having a lot of fun together.”

The best part is that it’s something that everyone can agree on. The kids beg to go riding every weekend, and Mom and Dad love it too! “It puts a smile on everyone’s face,” reports Stacey (aka Mom). “We love it!”