Steve's Journey: The Electric Skateboard Coffee Break

Steve's Journey: The Electric Skateboard Coffee Break

The Electric Skateboard Coffee Break

I'm half asleep and dying for some coffee; time to visit Mrs. Mary at our local coffee shop. 

But who wants to walk a whole 2 blocks down the street?

At MACkite, nobody--and I mean nobody--walks to the coffee shop anymore. Since we first received our Yuneec E-Go electric skateboards in September of 2014, it has become mandatory to get your first carves of the morning in on the 8-block cruise to the coffee shop. What a great feeling to just crank down the street and carve for 10 minutes prior to work. A special thanks to the City of Grand Haven for repaving about 10 blocks around our shop this summer. Gotta love that smooth ride.

I am still amazed that a year into riding an electric skateboard 4-5 times a week I still have the stupid grin on my face after picking up my morning coffee. Check out Jake and me as we head off to score some coffee - via the long way.

See you on the pavement.


Jan 12th 2017 Steve Negen

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