Let's Chat: Stromer ST1 vs. ST1X vs. ST2

Let's Chat: Stromer ST1 vs. ST1X vs. ST2

Let’s Chat: Stromer ST1 vs. ST1X vs. ST2 Electric Bikes

So, we carry a fair amount of electric bike brands (HaibikePedegoiZipRaleighProdecoTech, and Stromer). None seem to be more elusive than the Tesla of electric bikes, the Stromer line. The nice thing about working with brands is the fact that we have a Brand Rep, which in this case is Jim. Jim was able to break down every bicycle for us to (hopefully) make your choice of the perfect Stromer bike easier.

As always, if you have any questions you can always give us a call (800-622-4655) or hop on our live chat.

Stromer focuses on creating a seamless design on an electric bike. Short of the battery, motor, and acceleration, everything is designed to be a flawless bike. While some have more torque or battery capacity, Stromer still emphasises one common theme: design and functionality. As you’re riding, there should be no major notices on the bike; for example, you shouldn’t feel intimidated when riding the bike. You and the bike are one flawless entity, a working mechanism heading from point A to point B.


The ST1 comes in a Platinum and an Elite version. Considered the “budget-friendly” models, there are definitely benefits to going Platinum or Elite. The bikes retain their seamless design, with the battery in the downtube and the motor in the rear wheel hub. The ST1 can travel anywhere between 25 - 50 miles with the 522Wh battery, but an upgraded 630Wh battery is available for an additional $200.

The ST1 models do not have the Omni App available. The Omni App is available on the ST1X, ST2, and ST2 S.

Similarities Between ST1 Platinum & Elite

  • Both bicycles have 4 levels of assistance: Eco, City, Tour, & Full.
    • Eco: Most battery saved over time
    • City: Good for multiple stops & quick starts
    • Tour: Good for long distances with few stops in between
    • Full: Full battery power; least battery saved over time
  • Both have Recoup/Regen system
    • Allows for bicycle to generate back a small amount of energy back into the battery
    • To activate: Set on the bicycle monitor or slightly tap the front brake
    • Good for downhills
  • Both have “Boost” Mode: a small button under the monitor that allows you to get up to speed quickly; only travels up to 12 miles per hour
  • Similar frame & specifications (see table below)
  • Both come with city kits (fenders, headlight, taillight)

Differences Between ST1 Platinum & Elite

  • Platinum has a higher top speed than the Elite
    • Platinum travels at 28 miles per hour
    • Elite tops out at 20 miles per hour
  • Elite has more torque than the Platinum
    • Elite has a specialized “Mountain” motor
    • Perfect for larger or elderly riders
    • Great for hills
    • Most boost from the motor
  • Platinum has 3 chainrings, Elite only has one


The ST1X is the newest of the Stromer line, and I consider it to be a cross breed between the ST1 and the ST2. There is only one type of ST1X, but it does come in a Sport or Comfort model. The Sport model is a diamond frame whereas the Comfort frame has a lower top tube, which makes it easier for riders to lift their leg over the bike. The ST1X offers the classic colors, black and white (with a little blue), but they decided to create an option for those who want to show off their bike while riding, a copper/orange color.

The range of this 618Wh battery is 40 - 80 miles, but you can upgrade to a BQ814 battery as well.

Similarities Between ST1X & ST1

  • Similarities in the frame construction & components
    • Tailight: B&M Toplite
    • Tires: Schwalbe Big Ben 26x2.15
  • Same top speed as ST1 Platinum, 28 miles per hour
  • Available as both a Sport & Comfort model

Differences Between ST1X & ST1

  • ST1X connected to Omni App, whereas ST1 is not (read more below)
  • ST1X offers a larger size for those over 6’, a 22” Sport frame
  • Additional colors on ST1X
  • 48V battery rather than a 36V battery

Omni Connectivity

Omni is a cloud-based app that is accessible through your Stromer bicycle, your smartphone, or your computer. It is available on the ST1X, ST2, and ST2X bikes and is included into the price of the bike.

When you purchase one of the “smart bikes”, you and your Stromer Dealer will set you up with the Omni connection to your bike. Your Dealer will take you to a portal, where you’ll need to fill out a form with your full name, email, and phone number. You’ll also need the Vin number on the bike. To find this, it is under the bicycle frame; or, you can take out the battery and find it on the back end of the battery (you’ll see a long number starting with “RF”).

The cool thing about the Omni App and the bicycle in general, is that you’re receiving a lifetime warranty when you purchase the bike. Whatever happens, you’re covered. Also, should you ever decide to sell your Stromer, the warranty and the Omni App ownership are transferrable. If you purchase a used Stromer bike from a shop, the lifetime warranty will be reset for you.

Another neat thing about Omni is that no matter when you purchase the bike, it will always be up to date with the latest firmware and software. You’ll be able to avoid updating your Omni up to 5 times before it automatically switches over to the latest version. It takes less than a minute to update, but you will need to turn your bike on and off again.

There’s a lot that Omni can do for you. It’s a running list, but Omni can:

  • View service records
  • Update bike firmware
  • Enter service record
  • Bike system status
  • GPS
  • Block motor of a stolen bike
  • Lock or unlock bike
  • Bike performance tuning

Let’s jump back to being able to lock and unlock your bike and theft protection. Out of the 47 bikes that have been reported stolen to Stromer, 44 have been recovered. This is primarily because riders are reactive and proactive to the protection of their bike.

For example, you ride to your local coffee shop and leave your bike outside. Using your phone or the bike monitor, you can lock your bike. This prevents the bike from using its motor until it’s unlocked, either by entering a pin (which you’ll receive when you register your bike) or on your phone. If someone were to take your bike and ride away if it’s locked, then after 50 feet it will sound an alarm, flash the front and rear lights, seize up the bike, and send a text message to your phone indicating your bike has been stolen. It will also take the location of your bike via GPS so you can track it down.

If they turn off the bike before riding away, you can place the bike into “theft mode”. Whenever the thief puts the bike online, it will connect and seize up the motor.


The ST2 is the second generation of the ST1 line. It’s also home to the ST2S, the $10,000 ebike. The ST2 line sees more upgrades than its predecessor, which have been described below. The ST2 comes in both Comfort and Sport models and come in white or black frames. The ST2 is also considered a “smart bike” as it is connected to Omni.

Similarities Between ST2 & ST1X:

  • Both are connected to Omni
  • Same frame styles (Comfort 17”, Sport 17”, 20”, and 22”)
  • Some similar components (tires, front hub, rims, and saddle)
  • Same top speed (28 miles per hour)

Differences between ST2 & ST1X:

  • ST1X has some lesser components compared to the ST2
    • Differences in brakes, fork, lights, motor type, and battery (see table)
  • ST1X has about 5Nm less torque than ST2

Another option that the ST2 offers is a suspension kit. They come in a black gloss and a black matte. The black gloss suspension will match perfectly with the white gloss frame whereas the black matte works well with the black matte frame.

Similarities Between ST2 & ST1:

  • ST1 Platinum & ST2 have same top speed (28 miles per hour)
  • Some similarities in components

Differences Between ST2 & ST1:

  • ST1 has less powerful motor
  • ST2 has batteries with higher capacity
    • ST2 can travel around 25 - 50 miles (without upgraded battery) whereas the ST2 travels 50 - 100 miles (without upgraded battery)]
  • Different design on motors

The motor on the ST2 is actually slightly thinner than the ST1’s. They’re both in the same spot, but Stromer decided to put the controller out of the motor and place it in an access panel underneath the top tube of the frame. This was to prevent overheating for the “smart bikes”.

So, what’s with the ST2S? Why is it so expensive?

We asked the same question. The answer was down to two reasons: 1) the Super Nova M99 Pro light, and 2) the di2 electronic shifting.

The Super Nova M99 Pro is an absolutely fantastic light that costs around $1000 to make and offers both a high and a low beam mode. The high beam mode has 1,600 lumens. If you’re unsure of the power of 1,600 lumens, let’s use an example. A standard LED camping lantern shines at about 400 lumens. This is also the case for the ST2. Now, increase that brightness by 4-times, and you have the light power of the ST2S. The Super Nova M99 Pro lights are meant to be made for the highest visibility imaginable to ensure maximum safety for both you and for others around you.

Di2 is a type of electronic shifting that allows you to shift with electronic levers rather than a typical lever. It’s connected wirelessly, so you don’t have any cables. It’s incredibly responsive and allows you to shift on the fly. It does need to be charged, however. The battery for the shifter is under the top tube. Thankfully, it can be charged using the USB port that is on the front of the bike.

You can read more about the ST2 S in our overview & review blog, here.

Stromer Line Up: Specifications

ST2SST2ST1XST1 PlatinumST1 Elite
Frame ColorsCharcoalWhite, BlackWhite, Charcoal, CopperBlack, WhiteBlack, White
ForkStromer ST2 Carbon forkStromer ST2 carbon forkStromer ST1X aluminum forkStromer ST1 carbon forkStromer ST1 carbon fork
BrakesMagura MT Next e/MT5Magura MT Next e/MT4Tektro DoradoTektro DoradoTektro Dorado
DrivetrainShimano XTR Di2 | 11-speedShimano XT | 20-speedShimano SLX | 11-speedShimano | 27-speedShimano | 9-speed
CrankFSA | 52TFSA 52X36TFSA | 52T50x39x30T42T Single
Rear CogsShimano 11-40TShimano 11-34Shimano 11-42T11-32T11-32T
HeadlightSupernova M99 ProStromer custom SupernovaRoxim X4 EPBusch+Muller Lumotec IQ FlyBusch+Muller Lumotec IQ Fly
Rear lightSupernova M99 TaillightBusch+Muller Toplight MiniBusch+Muller Toplight MiniBusch+Muller Toplight MiniBusch+Muller Toplight Mini
Daytime Running LightIntegrated Stromer daytime running lightIntegrated Stromer daytime running lightN/AN/AN/A
FendersStromer custom aluminumStromer custom aluminumStromer custom aluminumStromer custom aluminumStromer custom aluminum
CarriersN/AStromer custom RacktimeStromer custom RacktimeStromer custom RacktimeStromer custom Racktime
TiresContinental Top ContactII | 26x2.0Stromer Schwalbe Big Ben Green Guard | 26x2.15Schwalbe BigBen Puncture Guard | 26x2.15Schwalbe BigBen Puncture Guard | 26x2.15Schwalbe BigBen Puncture Guard | 26x2.15
Saddlefi'zik Aliante R5Stromer custom | Sport/ComfortStromer custom | Sport/ComfortStromer custom ComfortStromer custom Comfort
ConnectivityYes - synchronize w/ Omni portal & appYes - synchronize w/ Omni portal & appYes - synchronize w/ Omni portal & appN/AN/A
Supported Speedup to 28 mphup to 28 mphup to 28 mphup to 28 mphup to 20 mph
Torque40 Nm40 Nm40 Nm30 Nm30 Nm
Range40 - 110 miles30 - 90 miles or 40 - 110 miles25 - 75 miles or 30 - 90 miles25 -50 miles or 25 - 65 miles25 -50 miles or 25 - 65 miles
BatteryBQ983BQ814 or BQ 983 (optional)BQ618 or BQ814 (optional)BO522 or BO630 (optional)BO522 or BO630 (optional)
Energy983 Wh814 Wh or 983 Wh618 Wh or 814 Wh522 Wh or 630 Wh 522 Wh or 630 Wh
11 lbs10.2 lbs or 11 lbs9.25 lbs or 10.2 lbs
6.6 lbs or 7 lbs6.6 lbs or 7 lbs
Frame Size<178cm = Sport 17"

175 - 188cm = Sport 20"

>185cm = Sport 22"
<178cm = Comfort or Sport 17"

175 - 188cm = Sport 20"

>185cm = Sport 22"
<178cm = Comfort or Sport 17"

175 - 188cm = Sport 20"

>185cm = Sport 22"

<178cm = Comfort or Sport 17"

175 - 188cm = Sport 20"

<178cm = Comfort or Sport 17"

175 - 188cm = Sport 20"

May 4th 2017 Angela Sorensen

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