Let's Chat: Inboard M1 w/ Lucas

Let's Chat: Inboard M1 w/ Lucas

Lucas' Take on the Inboard M1

I've been riding electric longboards since 2014/15, and as impressed as I was by the first few makes that hit the market, I was in love with the Inboard M1 from the moment I saw it. For me, the lack of a belt was critical - I love to be able to cruise at leisure without having a belt slow me down dramatically. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't cruise as smoothly as a normal longboard - there's still a motor attached. However, the lack of a belt really gives it a much better freeride longboard feel than most of the other boards on the market.

The ability to change batteries quickly and easily is awesome as well; it's added a lot of efficiency and longevity to my commutes or even just my cruises downtown. For me, a longboard ride is all about a smooth, easy-cruising experience and the M1 has captured that exact sentiment. It carves and handles well, even on less-than-optimal surfaces.

All in all, the M1 is a smooth, powerful freeride machine that will fit most any rider's needs, be it commuting, cruising, running errands, or even tearing up hills. With several features new to the electric skateboard community, this is well worth your time and money - get shredding today!

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Jun 13th 2017 Angela Sorensen

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