Let's Chat: How to Fold the Pedego Latch Electric Bike w/ Review

Let's Chat: How to Fold the Pedego Latch Electric Bike w/ Review

Folding the Pedego Latch: Instructions

The  Pedego Latch is a foldable bicycle that can become as small as 33”, which is perfect for any traveler. Pedego has offered simple directions on how to fold your electric bicycle, which can be done in as little as 30 seconds.

Here’s the easy breakdown of the Pedego Latch:

  1. Lower the seat all the way down

2. Rotate the crank arms to the 3 and 9 0’clock positions with the non-drive side towards the front of the bike

3. Fold both pedals

4. Turn the handlebar down so the brake levers line up with the handlebar stem

5. Lower the handlebar stem

6. Fold the entire handlebar stem down

7. Put the kickstand up

8. Open the latch

9. Fold the bike in half

10. Pin the front wheel to the rear wheel where it locks into place

Pedego Latch Brief Review

Overall, we've found that the Latch folds easier and faster than some other ebikes. It's fun, fast, stable, and surprisingly durable. From a personal opinion, I find that the Latch would be perfect for anyone looking to place something in their boat or trunk. The Latch has many of the same specs as the other Pedego bicycles to give it a powerful ride. Despite being smaller in size, even larger riders can enjoy the  Pedego Latch thanks to the overall durability of the frame. 

Pedego Electric Bicycles

Pedego Latch Bicycle

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Jan 12th 2017 Angela Sorensen

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