Let's Chat: Haibike Electric Bike Test Ride w/ Angela

Let's Chat: Haibike Electric Bike Test Ride w/ Angela

Enjoying Haibike on a Monday

Imagine that Monday feeling, when you’re somewhat-begrudgingly walking into work thinking, “Oh man, I hope I’m productive today and everything goes by quickly.” 

Then, you see them. The newest Haibikes, lined up on the street with our Haibike Rep Matt at the helm - talk about a day made! 

The MACkite Crew and I were able to try out some of the new Haibike models; this time, I was smart enough to jot a few things down about them.

What I rode (that I can remember, among the many I tried):

  • Haibike Urban Plus
  • XDURO Dwnhll 9.0

Haibike Urban Plus

When I looked at this bike, I was instantly intrigued. From first glance, the Urban Plus is a very sleek, simple design. Honestly, I was surprised when I was told that the bike could reach 28-mph!

Then, I took a look at the Cobi biking system on the bike, where you can connect your smartphone (either iPhone or Droid) to the bike. Similar to how smart cars work, you’ll be able to make phone calls, see the weather, or navigate your trip from your phone. It attaches to a hub on the handlebar, keeping it really secure. You could also see your speed and the level of your pedal assist from the main screen and adjust your level of pedal assist based on the controller attached to the handlebar.

Things I enjoyed about the Cobi system:

  • Voice commands when changing modes to indicate a change.
  • The system has an alarm on your phone to indicate if your bike is being stolen that is triggered by an intense jostling of the bike.
  • If you can’t find your bike, there is also an alarm on your bike to help you find it. Simply press the bottom button on the app of your phone and your bike will beep.

My main concern with the Cobi App installed is that there may be a chance for distracted cycling since it’s so intuitive and can make phone calls or play music. Other than that, I thought it was a great system at first glance.

As far as the ride on the Urban Plus, I was thrilled with how smooth the bike is on pavement. Being a commuter bike, that’s what a majority of people will want - smooth and with little fuss. Another little feature I enjoyed, especially with commuting biking, is that the brake line and the rear light are synced - meaning, when you press the brakes, you’re also going to see the rear lights kick on. For me, that’s perfect for when I’m working late nights at the shop. With the motor in the frame, the electric bike feels more like a bike rather than a humming ebike, which I enjoy.

Overall, I was super stoked on the Urban Plus. And, at $3,600, I might pick up one myself.

XDURO Dwnhll 9.0

I’m not much of a offroad biker (I prefer my paved roads and long, winding paths through gorgeous forests or cityscapes). But, I thought I would try out the XDURO Dwnhll 9.0 because this bike has won numerous awards on design, and I can see why.

The Dwnhll is sporty, yet clean. I really enjoyed how the Bosch motor fits on the inside of the frame. The colors definitely make it pop, giving you the feeling that this bike is ready for any adventure.

I was able to take the Dwnhll on our MACtrack behind our shop; and, to be honest, sometimes I’m nervous heading back there. Often times there’s leaves or other debris that can make the trip a little difficult. On the Dwnhll, I felt no worries. The loose gravel didn’t seem to pose a problem, and the tight turns felt secure. The fork was nice, and I felt that I didn’t have to fight back as much to control the bike on the bumpy terrain.

Overall, the XDURO Dwnhll 9.0 is sick, and I feel that this bike could get me into offroading. 

Jan 13th 2017 Angela Sorensen

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