Electric Bike Builds: IZIP Vida Unboxing Tutorial

Electric Bike Builds: IZIP Vida Unboxing Tutorial

How hard is it to assemble my electric bike? Do I need to take it to a bike shop? Help!

While we prefer some bikes are assembled by a bike store, we understand that not every bike can be purchased in store or sent to a nearby shop. That's why, when more information becomes available, we like to share unboxing videos from the brands we carry. 

IZIP's helpful video provides an overview in unboxing their Vida e-bike. Many of these steps can be used on other bike models as well!

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Tools included in the box:

  • Pedal wrench multi-tool with 8, 10, 12, and 15mm wrenches
  • 6, 5, and 4mm Allen Wrenches

Recommended tools:

  • Bike grease

Step-By-Step Video Transcript

  • Remove the extra parts box, saddle, and front wheel. The parts box has the tools, charger, pedals, and a quick-release skewer.
  • Remove the bike by picking it up by the frame or wheel. Avoid picking the bike up by wires or cables.
  • Insert the seat post into the seat tube and tighten down the quick release. It’s recommended to grease the seat tube before inserting it into the bike for easy adjustment.
  • Install the handlebars:
    • Remove the 5mm top cap.
    • Take off the cardboard spacer.
    • Install the stem on the steer tube.
    • Reinstall the top cap by tightening the 5mm bolt

Location to loosen stem and remove cardboard insert - Photo credit: IZIP

Location where top plate on stem is tightened - Photo credit: IZIP

  • Install the front wheel:
    • Take off the bolt and spring on the quick release.
    • Insert the quick release through the hub and reinstall the spring and the bolt on the other end.
    • Remove the plastic spacer from the brake caliper.
    • Drop the wheel into the front fork and align the rotor in the brake caliper
    • Tighten the quick-release lever making sure there is good resistance as the lever closes. If it’s too easy to maneuver, screw in the bolt on the opposite side until the lever needs pressure to close.

Location to insert front wheel quick release - Photo credit: IZIP

Location of brake caliper - Photo credit: IZIP

Aligning the front wheel and tightening the quick release - Photo credit: IZIP

  • Install the pedals:
    • Look at the ends of the pedals to determine a right or left configuration.
    • Apply a little grease to the pedal threads before installation.
    • When installing the pedals, get the threads started in the crank arms with your fingers to help against cross-threading and damage.
    • Tighten the right side pedal by spinning the wrench clockwise.
    • Tighten the left side pedal by spinning the wrench counterclockwise.

Location to find the pedal configuration - Photo credit: IZIP

Twist the right-side pedal bolt into place before tightening - Photo credit: IZIP

Left pedal tightening

Counter-clockwise tightening for left-side pedals - Photo credit: IZIP

  • Pump up your tires. Remove the cap and opening the Presta valve. Check your recommended tire pressure on the sidewall. The Vida tires are rated between 30 and 55 PSI.
  • Adjust your headset if necessary. Loosen the two 5mm stem bolts, grabbing the front brake, and shifting the bike back and forth. If there is movement, tighten the cap bolt. Retighten the stem bolts after adjusting the headset.
  • Charge the battery either on or off the bike frame.

Steps To Remove And Reinsert The Battery:

  1. Remove the battery, first by removing the cover.
  2. Slide the plastic clip back, removing the cover from the frame.
  3. Insert the key and turn counterclockwise to unlock the battery.
  4. Push the clip on the top of the battery to release from the frame.
  5. To reinstall, set the battery into position and turn the key counterclockwise to allow the battery to slide into place. Push the battery in until you hear a click. Put the cover back on and lock it to the frame.

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