Electric Bike Video: How to Use the Stromer ST2 Omni Menu

Electric Bike Video: How to Use the Stromer ST2 Omni Menu

Using the Stromer ST2 Omni Menu

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What is the Stromer ST2 Omni?

The interface you use to access all the settings and information about your Stromer ST2. The Omni shows your your speed, signal strength, battery life, and modes of power (ranging from 1 to 3). You can’t change what power mode you are in by tapping on the screen, only by using the power ring on your handlebars.

In order to access the menu of the stromer, you tap the button that’s on the underside of the display. This will display 5 different icons:

  • Lock: allows you to lock your bike
  • Off: turns the system off. You can utilize the automatic wake up by tapping the bike.
  • Sensor: used to change the sensitivity of the torque sensor within the bike.
    • Minus=slower reaction to our pedaling power from the motor
    • Plus=faster reaction to pedaling power
    • Press OK to confirm the selection

  • Move: can be used to get a little bit of power from the bike to assist you while you push your bike up a hill. Press the plus button while under move to give you a small boost of energy. To get back to the menu, press the button on the bottom of the display.

  • Menu: under menu you have…
    • Bike: settings for the sensitivity of the motor and of the regenerative braking. You can also view the bike computer type totals, including time, distance, etc. Under this, you can also reset your trip to zero.
      • Brakemode: where you change the setting for your regenerative brakes. Anytime you pull on the brakes you’re flipping a switch and sending the motor into a regenerative mode, where the bike slows you down instead of helping you go faster. This mode takes wear and tear of the brake pads and allows you to slow down more quickly. This mode recharges the battery as well. You can set the brake mode from low to high. When the brake mode is on high, the brakes immediately engage the regenerative mode. This acts as an “on-off” feeling to your brakes. If you want your bike to feel more like a regular bicycle, you should turn the brakemode to the medium or low setting.
      • Torque Sensor: Changes how sensitive the pedals and the bike are to your pedaling. Use this setting on high when you want a more immediate performance oriented feeling.
      • Totals: List everything you’d find on a standard bike computer. I.e. trip time, trip distance, average trip speed. Your total times for the whole bike are listed as well, i.e. your total distance, total time, and total average speed. You are also able to view your total wattage, and your average watts used per mile. Allows you to see how efficient your Stromer is moving you based on the power that you are recharging.

    • LCD
      • LCD Contrast: Can be used while compensating for low light.
      • LCD Brightness: allows you to brighten your screen in dark places.

    • Settings
      • Time: can change the clock from 12 to 24-hour. You can also set the time under this feature.
      • PIN: Allows you to access your pin code.
    • System

      • Language: select language.
      • Units: select units (metric or imperial)/
      • Reset All: sets all of your factory settings back onto the bike.
      • About: shows you the software and firmware versions of all of the components on your Stromer, from the Omni to the TNT and GSM chips that are communicating via the cloud to your motor. Allows you to see whether or not you have utilized the newest Stromer update. 
Jul 7th 2017 Roxy

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