Electric Bike Builds: Diamondback Response Unboxing Tutorial

Electric Bike Builds: Diamondback Response Unboxing Tutorial

Does my bike come fully assembled? What do I need to build my bike?

Not every bike is purchased in store. While we prefer to build your bike for you, we understand that not everyone has access to a bike shop when they order online. When possible, we like to share our brand's build videos to help guide you through your unboxing process!

Diamondback's video provides tips and tricks to unboxing their Response e-bike. As always, we're help to answer any questions or concerns, so don't hesitate to reach out. Happy building!

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What’s included in the parts box:

  • Saddle
  • Charger
  • Pedals
  • Keys
  • Tools
  • Kiox Display

Tools in the box:

  • Pedal wrench multi-tool that has 8, 10, 12, and 15mm wrenches.
  • 6mm, 5mm, and 4mm Allen wrenches

Recommended tools:

  • Bike grease

Step-By-Step Video Transcript

  • Remove the extra parts box and the front wheel. When removing the bike from the box, grab it from the frame or wheels. Do not pull the bike out from the wires or cables.

Spare Parts Box

  • Remove all protective packaging from the bike.
  • Install the seat post:
    • Apply a little grease to your seat post to allow easy seat adjustment.
    • Insert the seat post into the seat tube and tighten the quick release.
  • Install the handlebars:
    • Remove the 4mm stem bolt.
    • Remove the packing clamp.
    • Install the stem on the steer tube.
    • Install the top cap display mount by loosely tightening the 4mm bolt.
    • Note: Final adjustments to the headset bearings and handlebars can be made after the general assembly.

Removing 4mm Stem Bolt & Packing Clamp

Installation of Handlebars & Display Mount

  • Install the front wheel:
    • Remove the front axle by putting the quick release lever into the slot. This will allow you to back out the axle to install the front wheel.
    • Take the spacer out of the front brake caliper.
    • Put the front wheel into position, making sure to align the disc rotor in the brake caliper.
    • Install the axle back into the front fork using the quick release lever to screw the axle back into place.
    • Once tightened, close the lever in the up position.
    • Note: If the lever is too loose or does not close, adjust the tension with a 3mm Allen wrench at the axle's end.

Front Wheel Quick Release

Tightening Quick Release After Front Wheel Installation

  • Install the pedals:
    • Look at the sides of the pedals to determine their right or left configuration.
    • Apply grease to the pedal threads before installation.
    • Insert the pedal and twist the bolt on the crank arms with your fingers to tighten.
    • Tighten your right-side pedal by twisting your wrench clockwise.
    • Tighten the left-side pedal by twisting your wrench counterclockwise.

Location of Pedal Configuration

Right Pedal Tightening Direction

Left Pedal Tightening Direction

  • Pump the tires. To pump up your tires, remove the Presta tire cap and open the tire valve. The tire’s sidewall will tell you the recommended air pressure. The Response bike’s tire pressure is recommended between 25 and 45 PSI. It is recommended to start somewhere in the middle and adjust as needed.
  • Adjust your headset (if necessary):
    • Loosen the (2) 4mm stem bolts.
    • Grab the front brake and use your other hand to place your finger between the frame and the top of the headset.
    • Rock the bike back and forth, feeling for any movement between the frame and headset.
    • If there is movement, tighten down the top cap bolt until stable.
    • Align the stem to the center of the frame and tighten the (2) stem bolts.
    • Note: If your steering feels stiff, this means the top cap bolt is too tight. You’ll need to loosen the three stem bolts and start over on the adjustment.

Adjusting & Tightening Headset

  • Insert the Kiox display into the handlebar mount.
  • Charge the battery on or off the frame. To charge the battery while in the frame, open the rubber charge port and plug in the charger.

Steps To Remove And Insert The Battery:

  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Slide the plastic clip back and release the cover from the frame.
  • Put the key in the lock and turn clockwise.
  • Push in the clip at the top of the battery casing to release the battery from the frame.
  • To reinsert, push the battery pack into position and turn the key clockwise to slide the battery into place.
  • Push the battery in until you hear a click.
  • Put the battery cover back on and lock it to the frame. 

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