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Customers Talk About Their New Electric Bikes

Posted by Angela S on

Customers Review Their New Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Place (powered by MACkite) has been outfitting electric bikes for three years. Over time, our customers have reached out to us about the change in their lifestyles thanks to their new electric bikes. This segment is simply to let our customers do the talking and allow them to explain why they love their electric bikes.

Greg Dawson - Haibike FatSix

It all started when I was a Barnes and Noble flipping through magazines in October of 2016. The Haibike FatSix was on the cover of “ebike magazine.” I didn’t even know electric assist fat bikes existed. To my surprise, there happened to be a Haibike dealer in Grand Haven: MACkite.

I can honestly say that the Haibike FatSix has changed my life. I ride almost every day and I cannot seem to get enough of it. I cannot imagine my life now without an electric assist fat bike. It is a hobby that is good for me, better for the environment than gas-powered, motorized vehicles and scratches the itch for quick adrenaline rush. You still get a good workout, but the electric assist makes going up hills as much fun as going down them. You can cover a lot more ground in a shorter period of time and without feeling like you are going to have a heart attack. I enjoy sharing this awesome experience with friends and family so much that I now own four FatSix’s.

Nate Patterson from MACkite has become a good friend of mine and we have ridden e-bikes together several times. The customer service at MACkite has been like nothing like I have ever experienced. Nate Patterson and Brad Doren have helped me out several times on installing new parts that I have broken. I highly recommend trying out an e-bike and buying it through MACkite!

Haibike Full FatSix 7.0

Barb Perry - Raleigh Sprite

After having a difficult time keeping up with my bike riding family, I decided to purchase an e-assist bike. I had several questions about features, size, etc. and began going to bike shops to choose my bike. I live in Grand Rapids and visited all of the bike stores that carried e-bikes. I was very disappointed that I could not find one shop that was able to answer my questions. The sales people generally told me that they just did not know much about them. In frustration I looked further and saw that MACkite carried them. I took a drive out there and was able to immediately get my questions answered. I chose my bike and was sent out for coffee while the bike was set up for me to take home. While out, I got a call that the bike had some problems and would have to be sent out but I would get another. Within 2 days I got another call that a new bike was in and set up for me! I have been thrilled with my bike and the service I received!

Raleigh Sprite

Robert Dittrich - Stromer ST1 & ST2

This is our third City Commuter. The first two were purchased about five years ago when they came only in the 28-inch size and did not have throttle on-demand when in power levels 1-5. While we liked the bikes very much and rode them in Michigan and Florida for a couple years, we needed a smaller sized bike. We sold the Pedegos and purchased Stromers. We currently have two ST2’s in Michigan and two ST1’s in Florida. We are very pleased with the performance of the Stromers. However, the step through has become a bit high for Annie. So when we discovered that the City Commuter now came in a 26-inch size and had throttle on demand in all levels, we purchased the new Pedego. Annie loves it! We have it with us now in Florida and are seriously thinking about leaving it here and getting another new Pedego for her for Michigan. The new torque sensor on the Platinum Interceptor is super! We are very pleased with the Pedego product, dealerships we have worked with and with their corporate management. We have been riding e-bikes for five years and have ridden many miles and different brands. Pedego is a great bike, a great value and a great company. We wish MACkite success in their ebike endeavors. This is a growing industry and the technology has come a long way and will continue to fuel appreciation, diversity and growth for e-bikes. When we let people test ride our bikes, the first words out of their mouths are, “WOW!” Every time and with a BIG smile!