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Boosted Boards: The Journey Begins

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

The Journey Begins

Bay Area based creative content and production company Calotype Film put together this beautiful video featuring the day in the life of a Boosted rider.

What's so great about Boosted Boards?

Boosted is an electric skateboarding company focusing on fun and freedom. Boosted boards features three models of skateboards: Single, Dual, and Dual +. Each board ranges in power, speed, and range, but all have the same philosophy: to enjoy the day.

Why do we love them?

It's a simple answer - it's easy. At the shop, we're pretty lazy people. We like to go hard when the wind is right, but if we want to take a trip to the coffee shop half a mile away, we take the Boosted boards. They're simple, and we don't have to break a sweat or worry about spilling our cup o' joe. 


Single Dual Dual +
Weight 13.5 lbs 15 lbs 15 lbs
Max. Speed 18 mph 20 mph 22 mph
Range 8 miles 7 miles 7 miles
Power 1,000 watts 1,500 watts 2,000 watts