Battery Basics On Magnum Electric Bikes

Battery Basics On Magnum Electric Bikes

"How do I take out my battery?" "Where do I charge my bike?"

Your battery is your bike's lifeline. This unsung hero keeps your riding strong day in and day out. Properly caring for your battery can increase your e-bike's life and get you outside more.

This helpful video shows how to remove and charge Magnum Bike Batteries.

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Magnum Pathfinder

  • The button to check your charge status and to turn on the bike is located on the lower end of the battery.
  • There are 5 indicator lights on the battery, with the red light meaning the battery needs to be charged.
  • To take the battery out of the bike, turn the key and grab the battery at the bottom. Then, pull up and slide out the battery.
  • To reinstall, push the top end of the battery into the controller until you hear a click indicating the battery is in place.

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Magnum Cosmopolitan

  • The Cosmo battery charge is indicated by B, G, and R. The light at the bottom of the component also indicates the bike’s charge level. Blue = Full, Green = Half-Charge, Red = Nearly Empty
  • To remove the battery, twist the key and pull the battery up to lift it out.
  • To reinsert, align the pegs on top of the battery with the opening and push the battery in until you hear a click.

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Magnum F1

  • The battery lights and button are at the top of the battery. There are three green lights and one red light.
  • To remove the battery, open the key (which is folded) in the lock cylinder, turn clockwise, and slide the battery out.
  • To reinsert, align the bottom indent of the battery with the casing and insert until you hear a click indicating that the battery is in place.
  • The charging port is located on the top right side of the battery.

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Magnum i6

  • To turn on the bike or see your charge level, press the power button on the top of the battery.
  • To remove the battery, insert and twist the key. Pull the lever on the left side of the battery away from the bike until it slides out.
  • To reinsert, fit the bottom peg into the casing and slide the battery towards the bike until you hear a popping noise.
  • The charging port is on the bottom left side of the battery.

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Magnum Folding Bikes

  • On folding bikes, the battery is located behind the seat tube. You can press and hold the button on the top of the battery to see your charge.
  • To remove, lift the saddle so it tilts away from the battery. Push and twist the key into the unlocked position. Then, lift the battery out of the sliding.
  • To reinsert, slide the battery back into the rail until you hear a pop.

Photo credit: Magnum

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