2021 Diamondback Response Overview | Electric Bikes Explained

2021 Diamondback Response Overview | Electric Bikes Explained

Diamondback breaks down the premium features and design of their latest e-bike, the Response.

  • Classic mountain bike look with wide handlebars and front suspension.
  • Class 3 Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-drive motor with support up to 28 mph. Varying levels give you more or less power as you need.

  • The Shimano Drivetrain provides good, dependable shifting that works when you want to shift gears.
  • Schwalbe Super Moto X Plus Tires are compatible with tubeless tires. Their size provides excellent traction with fast rolling. The 2.8” width takes the edge off of potholes and bike paths.
  • Included is the RockShox Judy Gold Suspension Fork with 120mm of travel. Riders will find themselves able to ride off curbs, steps, and uneven terrain.

So, who is the Diamondback Response for? Anyone who loves a versatile e-bike that can take them around town with a few fun, off-road explorations in between!

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