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Everybody remembers that first bike that brought them the freedom to cruise around the neighborhood. Take that memory, make it twice as awesome, and you have the experience of riding an electric bike. Not only do they cost you nothing in gas, but the repairs are simple and the recharge time & battery life make them incredibly versatile. We carry ProdecoTech and Pedego electric bikes, and between the two brands we have every aspect of bike riding covered. Looking to commute? Try the Pedego City Cruiser. Taking a day trip and need to pack some gear? Check out the Pedego Stretch Electric Cargo bicycle. Need something to fold up and throw in the trunk so you can take it with you? The ProdecoTech Mariner has you covered (also a shop favorite!). This is a market that is rapidly growing as riders realize how useful these actually are in daily life. Even better, you’ll pay it off in a season or two with all of the gas money you’ll save! If you still have doubts about how much fun these are, borrow a buddy’s for a day or stop by the shop and ride one of ours and watch the doubt disappear. Remember kids, safety first. Don’t drink and bike and always wear a helmet! With speeds up to 30mph, these things are nothing to take for granted. Get yours today and leave your friends eating your lean, green dust.