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Pedego Customer Stories: Heaven on Earth

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

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Pedego Electric Bikes: Heaven on Earth

To us, Frank sounds like the ultimate stoked-out customer. In the three months that he's had his Pedego bike, he's put on 600 miles! 

All smiles, Frank talks nothing but about how much he loves his Pedego Interceptor.

Since he's received his Interceptor, Frank has lost weight, reduced his blood pressure, and felt less stress - talk about a win! 

Video Synopsis:


Frank was hooked the very first time he tried a Pedego Electric Bike. “The smile on my face was from ear to ear,” he remembers.

He upgraded his traditional bicycle to a Pedego, and he’s never looked back. Frank’s last name means “Heaven” in Italian and he likes to say, “When I ride my Pedego, I’m in Heaven!”

Frank averages between 60 and 100 miles a week on his electric bike. He uses is to make delivers for his business, and just to ride around town for the pure joy of it. He attracts a lot of attention on his bright green Interceptor, and he loves to smile and wave at the people he meets along the way.

Since he’s started riding he’s lowered his blood pressure and lost weight. ““I think it’s a combination of the exercise and the relaxation I get from it.”

“The fun has never stopped,” Frank beams. “There's a lot to see, and a lot to enjoy, and it's a pleasure doing it on the Pedego.”

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