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Let's Chat: Electric Bicycles - Can I Ride My E-Bike In the Rain?

Can I Ride My Electric Bike In the Rain? Precipitation is lightly dripping on your windows, just as you were ready to get out on your bike. “Do I risk it?” You ask, as you feel a slight disappointment. “Will it hurt my bike?"  When digging into our electric bike brands, we noticed a few things about [...]

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MACkite Rides: Haibike on a Monday

A Haibike Review  It was a beautiful Monday afternoon, and us employees at MACkite were squirming in our plush office chairs (Jake Mitchell in a Herman Miller of course), dying to get outside and soak up those May rays of sunshine. As kiteboarders we have a hard time resisting the breezy blue skies when we see [...]

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Let's Chat: Is the M1 Worth the Long Wait?

The Inboard M1 is going to change the electric skateboard market forever. Is the M1 worth the long wait? There are a lot of electric skateboards you can choose from. So, why would you want to choose the Inboard M1? After all, they are a new startup and not many people have actually had their hands [...]

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