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Let's Chat: Interview w/ Stromer Rep Jim

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

Stromer's Rep, Jim, Adds Input on the Electric Bike

We like having input from our reps about electric bikes. We think it's appropriate to have brands talk openly about their brands and the ebike industry in general. So, we asked our Stromer Rep, Jim, to include his opinion on this growing industry.

Why choose an electric bike?

A E bike is great way to get around. Weather it’s a commute to work, running errands or just out having fun. No insurance, license or registration. Hills? forget about them.

What cons would be associated with an ebike?

Other than the initial investment, none really. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.

What tips would you give to choosing an ebike?

Always ride the bike and ask lots of questions before you buy a E bike. Make sure the bike fits your need both short and long term. How much power do you need? Is the battery large enough handle the distance you plan on riding? Let the ride decide.

What maintenance can riders do at home? 

What should be done at a shop and when should it be done? Once the bike is built and prepped by the store, the only maintenance on the consumer end is basic. Air in the tires every few months, lube the chain as needed, and charge the battery of as needed.

Any closing thoughts?

E Bikes are an investment for sure, but once you own one, it’s a game changer for a lot of folks. At the end of the day, it’s hard to put a price tag on fun!

What makes your brand unique?

Ride quality. Solid feel. Connectivity with the Stromer app. Custom engine tuning. Anti-theft features are a big plus!

Which bike from your line up is your favorite? Why?

The ST1X for sure. Definitely the most bang for the buck. Lots of power, range and full connectivity!

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