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Pedego Customer Stories: Living the Dream

Posted by Angela Sorensen on

Pedego Customer Stories: Living the Dream

Video Synopsis: Beth’s Pedego Comfort Cruiser has allowed her to maintain an active and sustainable lifestyle. Struggling to pedal uphills on the way home from work is a thing of the past. It's also empowered her to participate in charity cycling events with her friends without feeling left out. “I feel free and liberated and ready to hit the trail!”

Full Story:
Twenty-one years ago, Beth Turner left her corporate job and opened a coffee and garden shop six blocks away from home. Her goal was to live an active, sustainable lifestyle and ride her bike to work every day.

“That worked for a lot of years,” she remembers fondly, “and it was perfect!”

As the years went by, the hills leading up to Beth’s house seemed to get bigger every day. Eventually, she found herself cycling less and less and driving her car to work, which wasn’t part of the plan at all. Her dream was slowly slipping away.

“My route to work is downhill most of the way there and then pretty much straight uphill all the way home,” she explains. “Every time I would try it, my knees would swell up and it was depressing to realize that I wasn’t going to be able to maintain this life- style that I had worked so hard to develop.”

Then she had an “epiphany” that an electric bike would be the perfect solution for her. “It lightened my mood immensely and I can see that I can do this indefinitely now.”

Beth admits that she’s not good with fancy equipment and she was a little concerned at first that an electric bike might be difficult for her to handle. She was relieved to discover that her local Pedego store had a fleet of rental bikes. “I loved the idea that it was simple enough to be used as a rental because I knew that way I wouldn’t have any problems with it.”

She can’t help but smile as she recalls her first test ride. “It’s like you have bionic legs or something. All of the sudden you’re just taking off down the road. It was just terrific! It was so much fun!!!”

When she selected a bright yellow step thru beach cruiser, she imagined her husband wouldn’t be caught dead on it. She was looking forward to having something all to herself for once, until the very next day when he asked to borrow it to go to the local market!

It’s become their go-to vehicle for any quick trips around town. “It’s so wonderful to be able to just zip down, park it right in front of anywhere I want to go run in, do whatever errand I need to do, and zip back. No muss, no fuss!”

Beth’s newfound freedom also allows her to participate in charity cycling events that she had previously been missing out on. She has lots of friends in the cycling community and she loves being able to spend time with them again. “With my Pedego Electric Bike, I can attend these events and not feel left behind,” she says. “It’s re-opened a whole world for me.

“I feel free and liberated and ready to hit the trail!”

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